More sailing fun with a well-kept and maintained boat

Sanding, painting, repair service, ...

The view of many, nothing beats a weekend trip with the boat. Especially with real Dutch summer weather: sunny, 25 degrees and a light breeze, then looking at the number of cooling water. This is watersports in optima forma!

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Watersport Twee Provinciën for all maintenance on traditional sailing ships, motor boats, keel boats, sailing yachts ...

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Do it yourself or by our campany ?

A well maintained boat enhances sailng pleasure and ensures that you will not move an unpleasant surprise. You can even perform annual maintenance. And we will inform you of necessary work such as new antifouling and advise you of the required coating materials that we offer as well.
This work can be done by us or you can do it in our doe it yourself hall.

Quality by professionals

But you can do the work by us, ensuring professional quality. Learn about the opportunities and our competitive prices. Also for maintenance choose for Watersport Twee Provinciën Leeuwarden Friesland.