Prices winterstorage / inside- and outside 2022/2023 (Prices incl. VAT):

Watersport Twee Provinciën in Leeuwarden

Winterstorage / Hall - and outside 2022/2023

Prices excl. 2 x cranes, outside and back, parking of the boat inside hall or outside, Bearing block renting, cleaning hull with a pressure washer. Designated mast on the ship no extra charge , if it´s not longer than the boat. * minimum 10 qm

- outside storage period 15.10. - 15.04. max. 4 t.   € 13.50 p/m2
- outside storage period 15.10. - 15.04. more 4 t.   € 17.00 p/m2
- inside storage period 15.10. - 15.04.   € 30.00 p/m2
- outside storage, with power only for periodic battery charging   € 45.00

More storage (Summer, inside and outside)

- Summerstorage outside 01.05. - 01.10.   € 12.00 p/m2
- Camper, Oldtimer, Caravan, price   € 200,00
- Summerstorage inside01.05. - 01.10.   € 16.50 p/m2
- Camper, Oldtimer, Caravan, price   € 250,00
- Booth fee trailer outside (summer) week   € 7.00
- Booth fee trailer outside (summer) month   € 18.00
- Booth fee trailer outside (summer) 01.05. - 01.10.   € 75.00

Working wages

- Highpressure cleaning hull (excl. environmental charge)* € 6.50 p/ml (LOA)
- * if hull is very dirty, (excl. environmental charge)* € 13.00 p/ml (LOA)
- environmental charge € 3.50 p/ml (LOA)
- Cleaning deck layout € 6.50 p/ml (LOA)
- Remove lime from the hull and hull cleaning € 4.50 p/ml (LOA)
- Hull apply with protective wax. Hull must be cleaned first. € 16.50 p/ml (LOA)
- Deck layout and cockpit apply with protective wax. € 33.00 p/ml (LOA)
- Hull polishing € 38.50 p/ml (LOA)
- Deck layout and cockpit polishing € 75.00 p/ml (LOA)
- Antifouling on underwater hull. (LOAxWOA) € 20.50 p/m2
- Hibernation of motors, mounted diesel engine boats up to 7 meters, incl material € 42.50
- Hibernation of motors, mounted diesel engine boats up to 7 meters, incl material, Bardahl BDC € 62.50
- Bardahl for petrol engine € 19,95
- Hibernation of motors, mounted diesel engine boats > 7 meters Time and Material
- Winter preparations, water pipes etc, Time and Material
- Winter preparations generator Time and Material
- Engine service outboard on request
- Engine service, boats up to 12 meters (1 engine) € 230,00
- Engine service: new oil, new oil filter en new diesel filter, new impeller, cleaning cooling water filter, excl. disposal waste oil and filters, ...
- disposal filters, per filter € 1.21
- disposal waste oil, per liter € 0.15

More prices

- Outside storage , per day (min. € 25.00 per day)   € 1.00 p/m2
Longer than 4 week 10% discount    
- Transportation with helling car   € 52.50
- parking on other place   € 45.00

Prices crane

- Crane out water to 4 t, incl. jacking or placing on trailer   € 75.00
- unloading of trailer   € 65.00
- out and in water for inspection   € 85.00
- Crane out water 4 - 15 t, incl. jacking or placing on trailer   € 160.00
- unloading of trailer   € 145.00
- out and in water for inspection   € 175.00
- Crane out water 15 - 30 t, incl. jacking or placing on trailer   € 220.00
- unloading of trailer   € 200.00
- out and in water for inspection   € 240.00

Prices Doe-it-yourself hall

- one week small hall   € 180.00
- one week big hall   € 260.00
Longer periods possible with prior agreement

It is also possible to carry out care and maintenance work on our outdoor area.

Price   25,00 Euro per day 

Price is incl. electricity but exclusive cranes, clean underwater vessel with a pressure washer and jack up on our outdoor area.

  • On the ship you only may work from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 bis 18.00 clock.

  • It's not allowed to do welding and Flex work on the yacht.

  • Use only sanders equipped with a dust extraction (You can rent these from us).

  • During the work, the floor shall be covered with a tarpaulin.

  • You must dispose of your waste.

- Labor (hourly)


€ 60.00

Mast down and up:    

Upon request we can lay down or put up the ship's mast.

This work is calculated on an hourly basis

  € 60,--

Using the derrick equipment

  € 85,--

Mast storage during the winter period

  € 72.50

"Repeat offenders discount", each season you will get 1% discount on the winter stock price. You have 3 years rent on a parking space, you get a 3% discount on the winter stock price. The max. granted discount is 5%..

Messages, conditions:

• We will agree with you on the crane date. From 1 October we start the winter storage. On request, we also can agree on an earlier crane appointment. Please contact us. In the period 01. - 31. October we offer a special all in price.

• The crane dates in the spring to be agreed with you. From 1 April, we start again with the cranes. Can pick a definite date for the boat min. 2 weeks before the desired date in consultation with us.

• To minimize the risk of fire and explosions, mostly gas cylinders (gas tank) and fuel canister (tank) can not remain on board under any circumstances. Please store them in another location.

• All electrical installations on board of your boat must be turned off at the main switch.

• No work can be performed in the hall or the outdoor area. We can offer to perform the necessary work on your boat. It's also possible to "do it yourself" - to hire hall, to carry out work by yourself. Ask us about the possibilities.

• Only with our express consent, third parties may perform work on your boat. If you wish to have work carried out, we will be happy to make you an offer. If you decide to have a third party carry out the work, we will charge you € 5 per hour for the use of our premises and facilities by this third party.

• We ask you to follow our staff instructions and directives.

• The halls and the outdoor area is only permitted with the approval of the local employees.

• Kindly pay the rental amount within 14 days of billing.

• All bills for contract work completed by us, must be paid before your ship can leave our ship yard.

• As a member of HISWA apply the conditions HISWA CONDITIONS FOR SUN, LAND LYING AND parking for boats and similar items. These conditions can be downloaded here as a PDF.